Teacher Training

Want to deepen your yoga practice? Learn more about yourself? Want to teach at Pure Hot Yoga or somewhere else?

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

8 months, 1 weekend per month

The benefits of this program reach far beyond the 200 hours. During our teacher training you will receive a thorough understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy/physiology, and intelligent sequencing. Through our hands on approach you will discover the teacher inside of you. Whether you decide to teach yoga or not, the skills cultivated will empower you in every other aspect of your life. This is a journey of self-discovery, taking your practice deeper, learning to teach yoga to lead a happier, healthy, authentic life and help others do the same. 

When: First weekend of every month (October-May)

Where: Pure Hot Yoga

Cost: $2250 includes 1 month of free yoga

Sign up before August 15th and receive $100 off!

Call 417-886-PURE(7873) or Emai l teachertraining@purehotyoga.net to reserveyour spot today!

Scholarships available. Please call or email for details!


“Pure Hot Yoga’s Teacher Training is an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who has a dedicated yoga practice. It takes what you have learned about yourself on the mat to the next level, times ten. All the elements of yoga come together naturally as you dive into the material studying the mind, body, and spirit. Being lead systematically by an instructor that believes in you, gives you the courage to trust in your own intuition. Layers begin to unfold. Classmates that were once strangers become your best friends. Life becomes less reactive. The present moment is clearer than ever as you evolve to a higher understanding of self-realization.  The question that got me to do it, I will ask you, what is stopping you? Being a yoga teacher is being a teacher of love. Whether you teach or not, it is a time to transform the study and practice into your daily life. The 200 hours go fast. Enjoy every minute.”

–Jyssica (2017 Graduate)

"I started my yoga practice about 5 years ago, as I grew with my practice and myself I wanted to learn more. I read books, watched videos, I was dedicated. I wanted to go through the teacher training at Pure Hot Yoga to expand my knowledge and when I found out Stephanie was going to be the instructor I was in! The experience has been beyond amazing! I wish it would go on indefinitely, I have made great friendships, have been supported and lifted up by my fellow trainees, guided by a wonder teacher, and the entire staff at Pure was always available to give advice and added instruction, or just talk yoga! I will look back at these 8 months and cherish everyone involved, and every memory I made."