Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I bring?

Bring a mat, towel and water. If you don’t have these things, no big deal, our yoga studio rent mats, towels and sells water.

What do I wear?

Be sure to wear fitted exercise clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture.

Its my first time, what do I do?

Arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class starts. This allows you to meet the instructor and ask any questions you have. We want to share our one of kind yoga with you, so come prepared to work hard and have fun!

How do I sign up for classes?

You can reserve your spot online. First timers should arrive 15 minutes before class begins to meet your yoga instructor and ask any questions. If you want to practice during our most popular times (morning and evening classes), arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes early to save a spot.

What is the new student introductory offer?

The special is either 1 week of unlimited class for $29 or 4 classes in 2 weeks for $29 for anyone new to our studio. If you buy a membership before the end of your offer, you will get 30% off any membership services. You can select your class from our online schedule here. (We recommend the level 1 class) Show up 15 minutes early to meet your instructor and get signed up. After your intro offer, you choose a membership option that works best for you. You can buy a class card, or sign up for one of our autopay memberships and for unlimited yoga and special perks!


Can I attend Pure Hot Yoga classes if I have never done yoga before?

Of course you can! We want to share our yoga with everyone, we offer all new students 2 weeks for $20. Childcare is not included. Our classes range from beginner to more advanced. If you have never taken yoga before we recommend beginning with a Pure Flow class. You will explore the yoga postures and fundamentals principles of vinyasa. We also offer Slow Flow and Restore & Relax, which are also beginner friendly. During your first month we encourage you to take at least 3 classes a week to help you build a strong yoga foundation, so that you can receive all the benefits including muscle tone, energy, flexibility and an overall renewed vitality.

What if I am not new to yoga, but want to see what Pure Hot Yoga is all about?

You are more than welcome to attend any of our classes. Our Pure Flow class will be the best introductory class to our style of yoga and it will provide a great challenge for your body and mind. Our Creative Flow class is a more demanding vinyasa flow. It’s a great class if you are wanting to take your practice up a notch with more advanced yoga poses. We offer modifications in all our classes, so you can push yourself as far as you would like. We recommend taking at least 5 of any style so you can really understand our style of yoga and reap the benefits of the yoga practice.

Where should I put my yoga mat if it’s my first time?

The best place is in the back of the room (mirrors are the front of the room), close to the doors or a sidewall. This allows you to use the other students as a guide while practicing yoga. Let the instructor know that it is your first time. They will happily give you extra guidance during class to ensure you are practicing safely. 

I arrived a few minutes late to class, and the doors were locked. Why?

We lock our studio doors during class for the security and safety of our students. Our priority is to begin and end class on time. We recommend getting to the studio 5-15 minutes before class begins so you can be ready to work hard and have fun.

What is Infrared Heat? And why is different?

Pure Hot Yoga uses an infrared heating system. The studio room is heated by several infrared panels in the ceiling, allowing the room to be evenly heated, so no more hot pockets! When infrared heat is absorbed into the body it increases blood circulation, boosts immune functionality and reduces joint stiffness.  If you have never experienced the infrared difference, come try our 2 weeks for $20 special!

What if I am not flexible?

Flexibility is a side effect of yoga, not a requirement. You do not need to be flexible to begin a yoga practice. We sit a lot during our day to day activities (i.e. sitting at a desk, driving a car, at home) which shortens the muscles. Yoga lengthens muscles while helping you release toxins that build up in your body over time.  Becoming flexible is a fantastic benefit of yoga, but the ultimate goal is to live a more stress free, empowered life.  This gain happens whether or not you can touch your toes.

Why is the yoga studio heated and does the heat makes the class more challenging?

The heat in the room stretches muscle fibers and tendons to help prevent injuries as you work out. It increases circulation throughout the body, reduces joint pain and boosts metabolism. The heat will make the classes feel more challenging, that is why we encourage you to take as many breaks as you need to and determine the intensity that works best for you. 

Are all your classes heated? And how hot is the studio room

All of Pure Hot Yoga’s classes are heated. Our goal is ensure that the heat and humidity combination (heat index) assist the stretching of your muscles and detoxing of your skin.   We balance these benefits with the understanding that the yoga postures are the focus of our practice. We heat the room between 95-98 degrees Fahrenheit with added humidity. This specific range of heat and humidity allows you to reap the health benefits and continue to progress in your yoga practice.

What is your inclement weather policy?

If Springfield Schools district cancels class, the first class of the day will be canceled.

We will post via social media and update our schedule (link) no later than 2 hours before the following class if it will be canceled or not.

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend Pure Hot Yoga classes?

Our minimum age requirement is 14 years old. 14-15 year olds must be accompanied in class by a parent/legal guardian. All minors (under 18) must have a parent waiver signed prior to taking class. (the parent or guardian must sign waiver in person at the studio).

Is it safe to practice while pregnant?

We highly recommend speaking with your doctor. They know what is best for you and your situation. Our Slow flow and Restore & Relax class are best for pregnant women but be sure to speak with your doctor before you take any our classes while pregnant. 

How do I cancel my membership?

It is no problem to cancel your membership if you want. A 30 day cancelation notice is required for any contracted membership. Just come up to the studio and our front desk staff will be happy to help and may have suggestions on how to get the most out of your Pure Hot Yoga membership.


What are some of the benefits of yoga?

There are numerous benefits of yoga. Through a consistent yoga practice you will increase circulation, mobility and strength while enhancing sleep quality. A consistent practice of 3 or more times a week has been shown to improve the symptoms of many chronic diseases including but not limited to depression, diabetes, anxiety, COPD, and heart disease.

Is yoga a cardiovascular work out?

Our powerful, high-intensity style of yoga challenges you both physically and mentally. Our yoga sequences combine flexibility, strength and balance to work your entire body, including your cardiovascular system. If you’re dedicated, you can lose weight, tone muscles and gain some serious strength at Pure Hot Yoga. Research shows that yoga may also improve lung function, strength and aerobic capacity, according to the Yoga Journal

When will I see progress in my yoga practice?

Every single body responds differently to yoga. You are exactly where you need to be.  It’s easy to want to compare where you are at with other students, but don’t. Enjoy where you are, and drop comparisons (even the ones to your before yoga self). There is a saying in the yoga world that you are a beginner for the first 80 years of your practice and on your 81st year you become an advanced beginner. Yoga is a life long practice, enjoy it.

How often should I practice yoga?

A successful yoga practice requires discipline, consistency and commitment. To experience the real benefits of yoga, we recommend practicing 4-6 times a week. A practice of two to three days with consistency will create change over time. Develop repetition and dedication in your yoga practice, and you will see results in mind body and spirit.

What does Namaste mean?

Our instructors end class with the traditional phrase “Namaste”. The phrase and gesture is an acknowledgment of one soul to another. “Nama” means bow; “as” means I; and “te” means you. I bow to you. This gesture is a great way to seal your practice.

What does yoga mean?

Yoga is the Sankrit word meaning yoga or a union. Yoga is the practice of fully uniting body, mind and spirit.