Student of the Month: Rachel Hopper

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My first time doing yoga was probably 15 years ago with Denise Austin’s “Fat Blasting Yoga: 21 Days to a Yoga Body” VHS tape. I have been doing yoga on and off since then. It’s only been since I joined Pure Hot Yoga a few months ago that I feel I’ve hit my yoga groove and become completely absorbed in the practice. The Pure family has an infectious vibe that you just can’t get enough of. You are greeted with a smile by instructors who know everyone by name, and you leave feeling incredible about yourself and what you’ve just accomplished. My favorite thing about yoga is that it’s a never ending journey in strengthening the mind-body connection. You grow stronger physically, but you also find yourself more peaceful during everyday stress. I constantly surprise myself by getting into poses I couldn’t even attempt a few years ago, but I surprise myself even more when I notice I’m taking deep, soothing breaths in the middle of traffic or that my self-talk is kinder. The infrared heat at Pure is an added detox bonus! After having my son almost a year ago, this place is just what we needed. He gets to play and be cared for by loving babysitters, and I get some time for myself to reset and grow stronger in mind, body, and spirit. And we both get to socialize! I truly adore everyone at Pure Hot Yoga and can’t thank them enough for all the intangibles they provide for me.


Featured Teacher: Rana Jones


What are 3 things you're looking forward to?

1. Christmas! 

2. Baseball season 

3. Heaven

What is a fun fact about you? 

I was a radio DJ on the morning show for 2 years and on Saturday eve for a year. Part of why I love music so much!

What is the biggest life lesson you've learned so far? 

Being a mom to your kids is the most important job because it's the only occupation where you're truly irreplaceable. What (besides yoga) is your favorite thing to do? 

I like to do Crossfit and I like to golf. And love watching baseball and football. 

What are 3 things you're most grateful for? 

My faith in God. It has sustained me through so  many things. 

My family. Hands down. Mic drop. 

My job. I can't believe I get the opportunity to pour into people through yoga. It is a privilege and an honor. 

Other fun facts: 

When I asked my kids to name something fun about me, they both liked that I dressed up as the Green Arrow for Halloween this year and a Storm Trooper for the opening of Star Wars VII. Winning.