More than just an amazing workout.

There are numerous benefits of Yoga in our infrared heated studio.

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Benefits of Infrared

Let the heat work for you, not against you. At Pure, breathe easy. After all, Yoga is about breathing.

Instructor Guidance

At Pure, our teachers are dedicated to properly teach yoga.

Child Friendly Studio

Enjoy your practice while our childcare professionals play with your children.

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What people think of Pure Hot Yoga

I've spent many years engaged with traditional yoga and I've found that the heat has added to my flexibility, respiratory, strength and general ability outside the studio. I'm so glad I made the switch.
Amy- Single mom with busy career   When I began practicing yoga three years ago, it was for stress relief. At that time, I was trying to juggle a very stressful (more than full-time) job, coming home to an infant and a toddler, taking care of household responsibilities while their dad worked nights, and trying to maintain my sanity! During a routine exam, my doctor recommended that I find an outlet for stress relief, otherwise, she was going to prescribe medication. I immediately started looking for something active to do. I hadn’t exercised much since the birth of my youngest daughter, but I knew that it would help my physical AND emotional state. I tried my first hot yoga class and was hooked! Hot yoga has been my escape for the past three years. No matter what the problem, I know that the stress of the day will melt away the moment I step onto my mat. When Pure Hot Yoga opened, I had never been to a studio with infrared heat, so I was curious. When I found out they offered childcare, I knew I needed to try a class. As a single mother of two daughters, it was perfect for me that Pure Hot Yoga had childcare. I would be able to be more consistent in my practice while showing my kids the importance of remaining physically active! The class was hot, but not the stifling heat I was used to (at other studios) when heaters blew directly on your body. I loved the variety of classes offered and that each instructor had their own style and spin on the class they were teaching. I never realized that my body craved such variety!  The instructors at Pure really take the time to make sure your body is in alignment and you’re getting the most benefit out of each and every pose. I learned that in nearly three years, I had never done a true “downward facing dog,” engaging the muscles I should have been! I’ve truly found my hot yoga home and am so happy that Springfield has such an innovative studio with a dedicated staff.  
Ryan- Runner all around athlete I had been hearing about hot yoga for a long time.  About the benefits of yoga in general and especially the intensity of a hot studio.  It took me a few months to get the nerve to attend a class.  It was completely out of my comfort zone as I have been a runner, half marathon runner, tri-athlete, and even competed in a Tough Mudder race.  I am so glad I finally walked through the door at Pure.  The class was challenging in so many ways.  It is stretching and breathing, but it is so much more.  The benefits have been surprising.  Each class is as difficult as you make it, because you are challenging and more importantly, concentrating on yourself.