Fusion Hot Yoga

10466875_10152582378695337_660267352_nAt Pure we believe in always introducing new elements to our yoga sequences.  Why?  This encourages students to practice mindfulness instead of mindlessness.  Every time you learn something new, or learn how to do something new, your brain creates neural passages to sustain that knowledge or skill. Under-stimulated brains lose plasticity because neural pathways are underused and underdeveloped.  Changing up your regular yoga routines stimulates and  creates new neural pathways with new experiences.   As a result, you are actually growing your brain.

Fusion Hot Yoga 60 and 75  is a mix of our favorite parts of various yoga styles.  The program is inspired by Bikram, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Flow. Our core program is consistent and allows for teacher’s choice poses to keep our Yogies on their toes. We welcome all levels of experience and encourage all students to go at their own pace.

Hot 26 and 2 is a series of Bikram-inspired postures suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  It’s a workout for the body from inside and out.  Alignment is an important focus in this class as you try your best to hold the postures.  Not only will normal bodies benefit, but injuries and chronic conditions can be improved as well.  This 90-minute class will get your blood pumping.

Candlelight Slow Fusion Flow is is a relaxed candlelight class with extended poses and deep breath work to open the body.  This class is 75 minutes and for all levels.  Ease into your week with this class.

Restorative Flow is designed for those who are are stressed and are having  trouble sleeping, let Jodelle guide you through a restorative flow. This class illustrates the age-old wisdom of yoga that teaches well-being is enhanced by a healthy spine, hips, and core. This guided practice will also focus on relaxation and meditation.

Yin Yoga  is a calming practice that allows the practitioner to access the deeper “Yin” tissues of your ligaments, joints, fascia and bones. Teacher will guide you to release stress. Even if you have an active, hot fusion “Yang” practice you can adopt a “Yin” practice to complement it. This class will align your own body and leave you feeling peaceful and balanced.

Muscle and Flow is a Remix of our regular fusion flow with some added edge.  It’s part power yoga infused with elements of sports training and fitness.  This class is heart pumping, muscle burning, zen and fun all at the same time. Go Hard and Go OM.

SUP Yoga Experience our specially designed flow class for the original SUP Yoga Indo Board.  Take your practice to the next level by taking traditional yoga and moving it onto an unstable environment simulating Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP). Perfect tool for balancing, strengthening, and weight loss.

Our students enjoy practicing at one of the most well equipped and largest studios in Missouri. Our state of the art flooring in the main studio is anti-vita and anti-bacterial and is made for hot yoga.  The studio measures 1,700 square feet.  Our studio is heated with radiant infrared heating panels making it a clean and healthy environment for our students and teachers.

Our facility is 4,500 square feet with large women’s and men’s changing areas each with multiple showers.  The changing areas are large and accommodate many students.

Our second studio is 360 square feet with rubber flooring and will offer childcare during our popular classes. Please see our schedule for childcare times.


infrared heat benefits

  • Detoxification of the Body
  • Increased Circulation
  • Strengthening of the Cardiovascular System
  • Improved Skin Appearance
  • Enhanced Collagen Production
  • Strengthening of the Immune System
  • Reduction of Joint Pain
  • Reduction of Cellulite